seeking advice on a khukuri

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Red Flower, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Daniel Koster

    Daniel Koster Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 18, 2001
    very well said, Aardvark. A lot said in very few words.
  2. Yvsa


    May 18, 1999
    Welcome too the Cantina Red Flower! :D

    I'm another one that votes for the 14" BDC. It is an elegant little khukuri that is able to perform a variety of tasks very well.
    I can't say that I have any experience with mine other than just holding it and swinging it about as I have just never felt the opportunity just right too test or use it as that has already been well done by Nasty, one of the regulars here and whom I traded out of it.:D
    With its shape and balance I am reasonably sure it will perform much like its smaller cousin the M-43 which I have used and like very well!
    I keep mine by my chair just in case I have too get up during the night and check on an unusual noise and I'm very confident it will do the job if there is ever anyone around our house that isn't supposed too be.:D
    With it being a full curving khukuri compared too the ones with the pronounced angle too the blade I'm also sure that it will perform like all of the other fully curved and/or forward curved khukuris.
    You can ask Howard about the differences between them if you need to understand better.
    Some people don't like the way the fully curved khukuris feel when they chop but I do and I actually prefer that feel.
    And having only the one khukuri you won't notice any difference anyway.

    We have a special order going on right now that we haven't gotten the prototypes back yet that may fulfill all I want in one khukuri. It is a 17" Foxy Folly in a 24-28 ounce range that is also another fully curved khukuri.
    If it meets all of my expectations it will be the only one I carry from now on as well.:D

    And again, welcome too the Cantina! :D

  3. bismark77


    Jun 24, 2004
    Well, not to bore anyone, but I definitely vote for the 14" BDC as well.

    I love mine! She is more alive than any of my other blades. She is light, elegant, well balanced, lively in the hand, and comforting to hold. She doesn't lust for blood light some of my other khukuris, but seems very personable, and always ready to do whatever I ask. Mine wears a wood handle, and although I prefer horn, I don't know if I could part with her now (even though Dan once offered to trade me).

    I should mention that the BDCs have flat spines. I can't explain how, but this complements the little blades marvelously.
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  4. Daniel Koster

    Daniel Koster Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 18, 2001
    offer's still good, friend. ;)
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  5. Big Bob

    Big Bob

    Oct 13, 1999
    Red Flower, welcome to the Cantina. What all do you plan on doing with your khukuri (cutting/chopping chores, types of wood/foilage you anticipate dealing with, etc)? If you have a pretty good idea of what you need your khuk to do, that would really help out in determining the best style of khuk for you.

  6. Howard Wallace

    Howard Wallace . Moderator

    Feb 23, 1999
    Based on past experience I expect common tasks to include: preparing wood for fires, including possible splitting of larger pieces to get to dry wood, possible duty in the blackberry patches cutting vines to get back into the good berries, possible garden and yard work involving things like cutting woody stalks. Red Flower may have other things in mind too, that she can tell us about, but don't give her any ideas about using "persuaders" on her spouse.
  7. Josh Feltman

    Josh Feltman

    Feb 12, 2001
    I'd think something like a surupati or maybe even a kobra would be better suited to things like blackberries, but neither of those would be my first choice as a wood splitter or chopper. A 16.5" WWII is probably the best choice for an all-around khukuri, and if handle size is a concern, it's probably easier to sand down a wood handle than a horn handle for a custom fit.
  8. Kismet

    Kismet Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 30, 2002
    Tell you what, Red Flower....

    I'll bet you that if you can get yourself back to the U.S., the Cantina folks will
    make arrangements for you to be given a khuk for a wedding present.

    Whether we like it or not, Howard is part of the family, and even if we weren't invited to the wedding, we should celebrate your joining us and classing the joint up.

    It would be our honor to do so.


    Be well, safe, and home soon.
  9. Bobwhite


    Nov 30, 1999
    Howard and Redflower. Another vote for the BDC in 14". I went through all the immigration crap trying to get my brother-in-law here. My sister is a student and I signed the affidavit of support and all that crap. She did not have enough income to sign it herself. They just got married on Valentine's Day. It is a lot of red tape, but hang in there. Being persistant is crucial.
  10. Nasty

    Nasty Chief Cook & Bottle Wash

    Nov 11, 2003
    Yes Edutsi...I tested it well before polishing it back up and sharpening it.

    It would be an *excellent* choice for a Red Flower...
  11. Red Flower

    Red Flower

    Oct 13, 2004
    Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your advise on the khukuri. After I am back home, I will make up my mine. Some day I will post the pictures of my khukuri(s) on the forum. Hopefully it won't take too long

    Thank you for telling me this special function of khukuris. It's so nice of you.

    That sounds a good deal. If someday Uncle Bill or someone could hold a get-together event for whole forumites and HI, that would be great. :)

    Red Flower
  12. Rusty

    Rusty Moderator Moderator

    Mar 8, 1999
    Apropos of nothing in particular, may I observe that most any khukuri works well for cracking walnuts to coconuts and all others in between?

    BTW, Howard :p :p :p :D
  13. Josh Feltman

    Josh Feltman

    Feb 12, 2001

    Um, Rusty, as moderator, it's your job to help and protect the forumites. :confused: :eek: :D :D
  14. Howard Wallace

    Howard Wallace . Moderator

    Feb 23, 1999
    Ayaaaaaaa ...........

    I'm doomed!

    I talked to Red Flower on the phone tonight. She asked "How does this technique work? Do I just hold up the khukuri and ask for what I want?"

    Woe, woe is me ...

    Also, she explained that even though the khukuri could do all kinds of things like splitting wood and cutting brush, the most important feature is:

    It looks cool!

    She said few women carry one, so she would stand out. Also, we will be a matched pair.
  15. Yvsa


    May 18, 1999
    Sounds like she is already one of us Catinanistas and has been well Americanized too boot! :eek: :D
    You have a real Jewel Howard as do I and a few others here. I'm glad for you my friend, you deserve a jewel.:D
  16. Howard Wallace

    Howard Wallace . Moderator

    Feb 23, 1999
    When I came back from the dentist today there was a box from HI waiting.

    Before Bill passed away, I had sent him a note and asked him to relay it to Kami Sherpa. I had asked for a knife for Red Flower, based on the recommendations in this thread. A 14” BDC, with 7” karda and chakma, silver fittings, chandan handles, and her name forged into the blade. Red chandan, for Red Flower. Large karda as I think they are more useful.

    The khukuri is beautiful. Today the rain is coming down, and the cherry blossoms are drifting off the tree outside the window of my den. I seized a sun break to go outside and take this picture of the knife.


    The picture does not do the khukuri justice. The chandan is highly figured, and well finished. The nicest I’ve seen. If you gaze inside, you can see the twists and turns of karma. For a minute there I thought I saw Bill, winking at me from the Bardo.

    I haven’t told Red Flower yet. I’ll wait till she sees this post. We’ll see how closely she watches the forum!

    Red Flower is still in exile from our home, courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security. I was able to contact our Representative Dave Reichart, and he actually put a staffer on our case, in contrast to Senator Murray who responds to her constituent’s problems with form letters. Unfortunately, my Representative says that there is nothing we can do but continue to wait. It’s been a year now since we started this process with Homeland Security.

    We’ll wait. And when Red Flower is able to return to our home this khukuri will be waiting for her.

    Thanks to the forum members who contributed advice and good wishes.

    Special thanks to Kami Sherpa, Yangdu for translating, and Bill for sending the message on during what turned out to be his final days. The echoes of actions reverberate on, through the canyons of time.
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  17. I'm nearly speechless, but that's too nice to let pass without comment...

    Definitely a very beautiful, and very special khuk!

    I certainly hope she makes it back to recieve it soon!
  18. Aardvark

    Aardvark Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 26, 2002
    That's a beauty, Howard. That curve just seems to go on forever.

    I see some of my dandelions have migrated northward.
  19. Yvsa


    May 18, 1999
    A jewel for a jewel, very fitting.:D
    I'm certain that Red Flower will love this khukuri and that it will serve her well.:D :cool: :D
  20. Kismet

    Kismet Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 30, 2002
    To the very end, Bill Martino took care of his people.

    Beautiful blade, beautiful feeling.

    Be well and safe.
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