Seeking hands-on exp in knife industry

Jan 12, 1999
I was introduced to the world of knives about a year and a half ago, when a friend of mine gave me a used Spyderco Delica. I have spent a great deal of my spare time since researching knives in general over the internet. Unfortunately, I have no hands-on experience or direct knowledge of the industry.

If anyone knows of any dealerships, custom knife makers, manufaturers, etc. in the area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, please let me know by either posting a reply or emailing me at

My thanks,

Ted Stewart
try this link

Gregg Lane
Laser sales,
Custom laser work done.

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Knife dealers:

Things Engraved - West Edmonton Mall - expensive

Things Engraved - Kingsway Garden Mall - expensive

Milarm Supply - great source for Spyderco

Supply Sargent in West Edmonton Mall - some good stuff, loads of imported doo doo.

Knife makers:

me -
Ed Storch in Manneville, link on my page
Emil Bucharski in Spruce Grove, info on Canadian Knifemaker's Guild site
Greg Lightfoot in Lloydminister, info on the CKG site