seeking help picking a folder

Nov 7, 2005
Looking for an EDC folder, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2"-3.5" blade, solid lock is a must. Preferred in wood or very plain scales and styling - nothing flashy or 'high tech'. Partial serration preferred but not necessary.

I guess 'sheeple friendly' would be an accurate description.

Price range: $40-$50 (I know it's not much but I'm on a very tight budget right now):eek:

thanks for the help!
May 17, 2002
I'd recommend a Spyderco Dragonfly, the version with the stainless steel handle (about as plain as a handle gets). ATS-55 is a really good all purpose steel. Can be had for a bit over 40 bucks.

If you want a slightly larger folder, the steel-handled Delica may be for you - the Dragonfly's blade steel is "better" though.

They both have solid lock backs. And they're pretty sheeple-friendly IMO, especially the Dragonfly.
Oct 30, 2005
In that price range, I think you will be barraged with Spyderco recomendations, with good reason. Zip on over to their site and look around, you ought to be able to find somthing that catches your fancy.

I've personally owned versions of Kershaw's Double-Cross and Double-Duty. They were OK. These are liner locking traditionals that are one hand openers, though not heavy duty users, IMHO.

I believe that Fallknivens U2 can be found in that price range also; very good reviews (at least from what I've observed).
Feb 7, 2005
For that price range, Spyderco is the company to look at. They offer some excellent deals wit very good steel.

You can also take a look at the BM Pika and Ka-Bar Dozier folders.

BTW, the Fallkniven U2 rocks! It's also quite sheeple friendly.