Attention Select Your Favorite Brown Tone for Sawcut Bone!!

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Sep 4, 2006
WOW! You guys have had a big weekend....Christ! Its Tuesday on school holidays for 2... gorgeous dont have to get up at 0600...or at all if I don't want to ... weeks....
Hahaha! That wasn't a Happy Birthday thread. It was the ordering thread in disguise! :p
I'd be down with that... Even on a Barlow
Theres a town in NSW called Batlow....
Jolly Rogers shield!? What say you, Meako?🏴
Well Avast there ye Swabs and Lubbers...but be ye not lead into temptation by the Roger....the name hath a much different meaning to men of the Great Southern ware beewaaarrre! The jolly roger himself personified ....Roger Rogerson....he is real.
The silliness level in this thread is to damn high!

🙃 I like it 🙃
I'm here to ensure we are able to maximise our optimal quality and to put in place the best silliness that will be of the greatest benefit not only to each of us as indivduals but to all of us in the international community..... BE WARNED MY AMERICAN BUDDIES....ScoMo is coming....although I doubt if it will even make the news...
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