Self Defense?

Feb 9, 1999
I always read in the back of one of the knife mags Tactical I think about people who had to use their knife in a defense situation now there must be atleast one forum member who has a story? Seems alot of ATM scares.. I have to admit I have had my hand on my Military a couple of times in "THE CITY" but never had to use it. Got a story? Might be cool to hear.. So did you pull out a Crocodile Dundee, or a dragonfly??
Take a look at the Tactical Talk forum here, also at the Ground Zero forum. A number of personal experiences have been posted.

-Cougar Allen :{)
My best is at:

Fairly wild tale involving homicidal transvestites

Jim March
I once hit my sister with a length of Hot Wheels track. That's the closest I've ever come to killing someone with a knife.

David Rock

About one year ago I was menaced at a bus stop by a street crazy with a length of chain. My response was to deliberately reach under my jacket to my right hip, where I was carrying my Leatherman SuperTool(!) I unsnapped the fastener with a satisfyingly audible pop, brought my hand back into open view and smiled. My prospective playmate elected to not find out what I was carrying.

If TSHTF, I was prepared to use the ST as a striking weapon, altho I'm glad I didn't have to find out how things would have turned out.

During the course of my adult life I have been in many, many dangerous situations and that was the only time any sort of weapon could have done me any good.
About three or four years ago I got on an elevator down to a subway station (I have a bad leg and ride elevators when I can). Two punks got on, one placed his hand on the Emergency Stop button but did not push it then and his pal started to move toward me. I was carrying a Spydie Police in stainless steel and started to draw it from my pocket. My two elevator mates noticed, the first one's hand dropped from the stop button and the other backed away. When the elevator got to the bottom, the two walked quickly to teh escalator and ran up it and, presumably, away. I put the knife away and, shaking, went on down to the subway.