Selling my Burgmaster Turret Drill

Mark Terrell

Jun 23, 2006
Here's the details on it.

Model: 0B
Spindles: 6
Chucks: 3 Albrecht 0-1/8 capacity keyless, 1 Rohm 0-1/4 keyless (industrial grade), 1 Albrecht 0-5/16
Tapping Head: Tapmatic 0-1/4 capacity (2 collets included)

What's been done to it:

* Replaced all the seals and gaskets.
* All worn parts replaced
* Head mounting bolt was upgraded from the standard 1/4 inch one to a 5/16 hardened bolt and a better spring was installed.
* Head bolt cover was sealed to allow full oil fill
* Timing adjusted so the auto index tracks properly
* Belt on motor to drive shaft was replaced
* Standard keyed chucks were replaced with keyless chucks and longer arbors.
* I polished and re-aligned the depth setter.
* Bearings on guide bar were replaced
* Tooling (mounting) plate was added and the holes are 5/16-18. Each hole has a set screw inserted to keep chaff out of it.
* Wiring (including switch) was replaced.
* Motor was re-wound and cleaned.

So, you've basically got a Burgmaster 0B that's as close to new as it can be, sans a paint job that I never got around to.

This drill indexes very well and on occasion, you may have to adjust the timing, but it's easy to do and I've only had to do it once in 2 years.

The chucks were all surplus, but new or very close to it (the Rohm and 2 of the albrechts were new in the box). All the chucks (other than the Rohm) were polished to prevent rust. Some of the pictures had some red speckle that looked like rust, but it's pretty clean overall.

What extra comes with it:

* Full set of seals for the spindles
* Set of seals for the mains
* 2 cross slides with a mount plate (these need to be finished, but I can do that in a day or so, and they are pretty slick if I do say so myself)
* 2 Collets for tapping head
* Tapping head fixture so it auto torques itself for forward and reverse (see picture, it's the aluminum plate behind the tapping head).
* I also had started to make bearing stabilizer arms for the longer spindle tapers. I can complete those if you want them done.

Other stuff about the machine....

It's as good of one as you'll find and it's basically, fully re-built...

It does leak a little oil, but I've yet to find one of these that doesn't, and it's a minimal amount.

The longer tapers/spindles do make for a tad bit more runout because of the length vs. speed. That's why I was going to make stabilizers. The runout is within acceptable measure, but I wanted as quiet spindles as is possible with them being longer.

One spindle is sleeve mounted (meaning, the taper is wedged into a sleeve). I did this one that way so I could interchange chucks if needed without having to have a bunch more tapers tapped.

The chucks and tapping head alone are worth over 1200$.

I'm looking to get basically what I have into the machine (chucks, drill, plate, spindles and part replacement), which is right at 2,000$. The extras, I'll just throw that stuff in. Good used 0B Burgmasters sell on Ebay for around 800-1200$ but most are bare of chucks and tapping heads or don't have them all. The other problem is, most are sold as is, meaning, they have problems.

I'm willing to work with you on the pricing etc.., and shipping will be up to you. I had it UPS delivered here though, and it was around 100$ or so. It would probably ship in 2 boxes (the drill tower, motor, plate etc... in one, and the head and extras in another box).

P.M. me, call me, or email me if you want to work something out on this. I can work on payment arrangements to an extent as well.

To answer this in advance, I'm selling this b/c I want to invest in some other machinery and I just don't use the Burgmaster as much as I should... I'm not going out of business or anything crazy like that, and nothing is wrong with it.

Pictures can be found here.....

I will entertain any reasonable offer, so don't be afraid to hit me up with a price.

It's been on the low spindle speeds for entirety of it's usage as well.

Thanks all,