Senior Exit Project

Mar 9, 1999
OK, I'm a senior this year (Yay!). That means I have to do a Senior Exit Project. Basically, the project consists of an essay, an application product, and a presentation. The essay must be 6-10 double-spaced pages. Basically, it's like a college thesis, where you ask a question, then answer it in essay form. It must also use parenthetical references, and have at least one primary source.

Our topics were due Friday. I hadn't come up with one. I had to choose quick, so I went with blade types. This is a very ambiguous topic (intentionally of course). I plan to write on either "Why was the katana developed the way it was?", or some sort of comparison of two or three blades.

I feel I might have some trouble with these, and was wondering if anyone might have any thoughts. Any and all comments/suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Hi Howie,

If you want to write about Katanas, go to

They have many easy to read articles dealing with katanas. There is also a very active message board for you to post questions.

It is a complicated subject you thought up. I would have a hard time confined to 10 pages.