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Sentinel or Ares- which one?

Sep 23, 1999
I'm going to replace my missing AFCK probably with either one of these two knives. Which is the best one to go with? Oh, regardless, it will be a plain edge blade. Thanks!

"Come What May..."
I have the original Sentinel and just handled the Ares yesterday. Definitely the Ares. Shorter blade than the Sentinel but the Axis lock and more egonomic/comfortable grip makes it a better choice. Too bad the Ares is tip up. I like tip down better but it would be hard to get that given the placing of the pivot and the axis lock.

BTW, the ARES is a true ambidexterous knife for those left handers out there.


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Ares on this one. For the axis lock if nothing else.

Dennis Bible
I'd agree with the Ares with Axis Lock(very dependable and strong lock mechanism) being the better knife, however you really couldn't go wrong with either one. I would also consider the DarkStar (improved version of the Sentinel) .Should Benchmade come out with the Dark Star in an Axis Lock version, I would go for that in a flash.

Check with Murray Haday of ProEdge or ADam Sharps as good sources for Benchmade products here in Canada.

Just my 3 Canadian pesos.

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Thanks for the info so far. I too prefer the tip down carry, which is definitely in the Sentinel's corner. I don't like those dark stars! I love the Sentinel because of the blue liners. My AFCK was all black and I want some color. The gold look to the Dark Star is nice, but not colorful at all.
Other than the locking mechanism, what does the Ares have going for it over the Sentinel? I'm sure the Axis lock is strong, but I don't use my knives hard at all, and the liner lock on my AFCK NEVER budged at all. Axis lock doesn't matter much to me, because I think I don't really need it. (Unless I'm wrong, in whuch case please enlighten me!)

Oh, does 154-CM and ATS-34 perform the same? Metallurgically I would say so, but I'll defer to those who have KNOWLEDGE of the subject!

Thanks forumites!

"Come What May..."