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Sere 2000

Sep 15, 2000
UPS just delivered and it looks great, except for the shiny clip. I just have one question and it isn't any more than curiosity. The blade is labeled as made in Japan. How does this work? Do the designers put together a design on the computer, assemble a prototype and then find someone to manufacture the product? Does Al Mar make the body, but purchase the blade? I've no problem with blades made in Japan. Obviously, there is a long distinguished blade tradition that can't be faulted.

The blade seems to be sharp from the manufacturer. Anyone know what angle to use for sharpening? It looks in the neighborhood of twenty-five degrees.

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Congratulations Gary, great knife! Can't help you with your questions but I would suggest throwing a little piece of heat shrink tubing over the thumbstuds to make them more comfortable and give you more positive traction. As far as the clip goes, get it sand blasted. It takes all of about 2 minutes to do it and anyone with a blaster would probably do it for practically nothing.


Peter Atwood

O.K., I'm lowering my expectations.. Anyone know what angle is used on the SERE 2000?

Al Mar's web site is rather spartan, to say the least..no contact information.

I am interested in hearing answers to all your questions too. I have been wondering the same things. Hopefully someone knows the answers.


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I can't say for certain with the SERE 2K, as I've not heard an authoritative explanation, but my understanding is that Al Mar Knives has always followed a pattern of designing/prototyping their knives in-house, and then contracting out the construction work to various of Japan's Seki City knifemaking companies. This is a quite common practice in the industry -- Spyderco, for instance, manufactures a few of their models in their Colorado office/factory, and has most of the rest built under contract in Japan. (Rumor has it that the same factory produces the Al Mar Ultralight series and some of the micarta handled Spyderco models, accounting for some of the similarities in construction details.)

No idea on the sharpening angle, by the way; the factory angle seems to work exceedingly well, so I'd tend to use the magic marker trick to resharpen to the same angle (for anyone not familiar with this technique, you use a black magic marker to put a spot on the existing edge, then make a very light single pass over the spot with the sharpener set to various angles to see which one sharpens across the entire width of the edge, thus duplicating the edge angle -- works especially with sharpeners where you can continually adjust the angle, like the EdgePro Apex).

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