SERE 2000

Jul 2, 2000
I just got a SERE 2000 today. Holy Cr#$! After all the trades I have done to find the ultimate knife, I think I have found it. Perfect lockup, no blade play. The only thing I would change is the thumb stud, but that's being kind of picky. It's kind of sharp. The size is perfect. The blade is very thick. I especially like spearpoint blades for survival/defense knives. I will be using this as my everyday carry/Duty knife. If you get the chance, check out the article in Tactical Knives, Jan issue. They do a really nice review on it. I think it's definately a winner.
Congratulations on your wise purchase! This is the best knife of the year IMO.

It can be made even better if you put a tiny piece of heat shrink tubing over thumb stud. The tubing shrinks up tight, looks cool as hell and most importantly gives you a comfortable no slip positive opening. You'll love it. Also Radio Shack has different colors if you don't like the standard black that you can get at the hardware store. Have fun!

Peter Atwood
I just got my brand new SERE 2000 on Thursday from Lafourche, and I must say, this is the "holy grail" of knives..This is what I've been looking for since I started buying knives. Mine is absolute perfection, execept for the thumbstuds..

I'll give the heat shrink tubing a try, and see what I think of that.
The problem for me, is that I can't just position my thumb underneath the thumbstud and push the blade open, because for some reason if I do that the blade flies open, and my thumb ends up moving sideways & up, scraping against the blade edge

So I have to plant the middle of my thumb on the thumbstud so I can control the blade opening throughout...
Only other knife I've had this "problem" on was the BM 940, which sliced my thumbs to bits before I finally sold it.

I like the way the clip works, but I think they could have made a better looking one.

My S2K is the sharpest out of the box of any knife I've seen.
The first thing I did when I got my SERE home was to take the Dremel to it and hog out the thumb ramp area. I've got lots of clearance now and it opens very easily.

The second thing I did was to round off the edges of the metal frame which were all quite sharp on my knife. Apparently others haven't had that complaint but mine was a little uncomfortable to grip. I used the Dremel and a soft abrasive pad. Now the thing is a joy to use.

Next I hit on the shrink tube idea. A tremendous improvement.

Lastly, I removed the ugly clip, ground off the last 1/2 inch which was unnecessarily long and sandblasted it to remove the shine. Now it looks like a Microtech or Sebenza clip and has a pleasing texture. Plus it's a lot less obtrusive.

So there you have it. Call a couple of machine shops to find a sandblaster. I bought mine at Sears for $50 but am planning on using it for more than just the SERE clip!

Peter Atwood
hey lanny, got a sere 2000 coming. i hope your happy
you made me buy this with your comments!


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lanning, you were right! this thing is way cool!


a cat almost always blinks when hit in the head with a ball-peen hammer.
The only thing better than a good knife is a good woman:D
A few of my Knives
russ aka blade zealot
There you go, everyone going out and purchasing the sere. You all know it was all becuase of the Al Mar Support Coalition chairman (me) .. You can thank me later!


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The SERE may not be the thinnest or sexiest looking knive out there but it is one heck of a tough folder. It is well designed, well executed and has an excellant clip in both design and placement. Too bad it wasn't more subdued. Hate to compare it to the Sebenza, (like trying to decide which of my kids I love most), but it's definately waymore than half the knife at less than a third the cost.
I am planning on ordering a SERE and I was wondering how the clip is attached? From the pictures I've seen It looks like it comes out of the end of the slab from the inside.
I ahve been wondering about this knife for some time and I was actually getting to do ao search over here for "SERE" to see what I caould find...good timing I guess. Thanks for the input!

Does anyone know anything about the SERE auto?


David P. Sproles
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I have to say that I agree with most comments made about htis piece. I just received mine in te mail and when I opened the box I was excited, but then I tried it out. In my right hand the thumb stud worked well and the action was smooth thanks to the extra cutout for your thumb. However I am left handed and when I tried this with my left hand, I found this action substantially more difficult. Probably because there is no thumb cutout for the left handed. While the clip is reversal, the cut out is not. Sadly, I'm sending it back for a SOG Night Vision!
I like the thumbstuds. They are pronounced enough to make flipping it open a breeze, and the interesting and (IMO) elegant sculpturing on them give the right tactile feedback to let me know "Yes, you have your thumb on the right spot and something is about to be cut."
Beefy lock, silky-smooth action,excellent ergonomics... the SERE has my vote.