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Serial numbers on 165OT

Nov 27, 2006
I just bought a 165OT with "Shikari" instead of "Old Timer" on the handle. Serial number is 02607. I have read the other threads on the Shikari name plate and 165OT serial numbers. I am wondering if the Shikari knives had a seperate set of numbers from the other 165OT's or if all the 165OT's shared a common serial number sequence. Also, does anyone have any idea what the year of manufacture might be for my 02607 serial number?
As you may or may not know, I have for some time recorded the 165OT pattern serial numbers I have run across. So far This is what I have on the Shikari shielded knives:

#00523 (Walden L)
#00953 (Walden L)*(mine)
#01018 (Walden L)
#02200 (Walden L)*(mine also)
#02607 (Walden L)
#02953 (Walden L)

As you can see, all are Schrade Waldens with the tangstamps on the left side of the blade. Also, all have relatively low serial numbers. There are regular production Old Timers and a couple of first production Uncle Henry 165UH mingled in with those numbers, so there was likely not a dedicated number series just for these Shikari shielded knives. Also note that your serial number was recorded in the list when it came across eBay a while back. IIRC, your used knife did not come with the original type sheath, if it had one at all. The Shikari sheaths were unique in that they had luggage spring button type fasteners on the stone pockets, and were pigskin textured golden yellow leather. Since only six have been sighted and recorded so far, the jury is still out on the story behind these knives, but it is safe to say they were likely all made during or prior to 1969, possibly 1966-67.

Codger, actually mine does have the sheath in the picture although it is missing the stone. It this knife with the Shikari nameplate and serial number relatively rare?
Yes, as I said, I've only seen the six in the past three or four years among the thousands of 165OT's I've surveyed. Sometime after the first 19-20,000 were made, the tang stamps changed to blade right, then serializing ceased, then the name changed from Schrade Walden to Schrade. #20735 is the highest number I've seen so far though they may have gone higher.

I am yet to see a Shikari in it's original packaging, so there are no other clues to the dating and whether or not they were a special factory order.


PS- The original Schrade replacement stones are still available. #170061485890
Thanks for the tip on the stones Michael.I've been looking for them for a couple of months.Arnold
That seller is Jim Coleman, and I can attest that he is a stand-up guy, and while he does sell some of the "new generation Schrades", he is quite up-front about their origins. If he says these are U.S.A. Schrade stones, they are.