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serrated commander!


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I just called Emerson Knife Company and discovered that they are producing a partially serrated version of the commander! NNow, I know that most people on this forum don't like partially serrated blades, but they do outsell other knives two to one. I personally like them. I have to wonder, however, how the serrations will translate on the commander's recurve blade? Does anyone care to comment?
I don't think I'll like it. The serration will be right were the knife cuts best. In this extreme S-curve, the 50% closest to the handle does all the cutting.

I might be a good idea to have the serration toward the tip. The Commander is not good at thrusting anyways. Might make it a better slasher with a serrated tip.

My Emerson is a beautifuly curved knife. I don't think I want a serrated one. Emerson should work on a stronger lock, as the unique opening action is more abusive to the liner lock than most.