Serrated Khuk

Jul 30, 2004
Has anybody ever tried putting serrations on a khuk? Or a fine-tooth saw edge on down low? It works well on a Ka-Bar... With a khukuri's sweep I would think a serrated edge would really cut! Untraditional of course, but still something to consider. Hmmm. I might try making a serrated edge on my "junk" khuk- the "real Ghurka" one- so no loss if it's a bad idea... :rolleyes:

Has anyone seen a serrated/partly serrated/saw edge khuk?

Cruddy artist rendering attached.

I believe Dan made a GRS saw by accident one time. Scroll down about halfway through this thread:

It shows a close up of what the GRS looked like after it chipped out -and- the kind of sawing action it would produce. Its not exactly what you are looking for, I know, but it shows you the accidental potential it has:) Others that know what the heck they are talking about will chime in shortly, i'm sure.

thanks for the giggles, Jake. Had almost forgotten about that one.
oops....forgot to answer the question....

serrations on a khukuri....?

You know what the end result would be......a SpyderCo-made khukuri.....:eek:

Ok...I've had my fun now.

The recurve does seem like a more natural place to put serrations.

(remember, these random thoughts come from the guy who was seriously considering adding a sawback to one of his khukuris...but thankfully gave up!)