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Serrated or Plain DODO?


Captain Slow
Platinum Member
Jun 17, 2006
I've heard many different arguments for both but I would like to hear some more. I will be using and abusing this lil' knife for many a task. It will by my main EDC for around the house and the companion to my Ranger Knives RD-4 on backpacking trips. I'm thinking serrated only since I think it will hold up better to the abuse I plan to give. Sharpening is not an issue since I have some lightweight diamond stones to take with me.

Any opinions or personal experiences will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

I have carried both, and while usually a serrated blade works for me, I find the reverse-s of the Dodo seems to jam-up material in the "teeth" of the SE Dodo. I find the PE more than adequate for EDC use on most material.

thanks for providing another perspective. I hadn't thought of jamming issues in materials. Plain edge eems better in that regard. Thanks...

The Dodo is such a terrific knife, I have 3, 1 is serratted. I use the Plain edge everyday, saving the serrated for SD purposes.
I've got a plain edge dodo, performs very well. Plus its easy to resharpen to just about factory sharp without any problems.

Thanks for the input everyone. I've decided that a plain edge is more useful for my tasks.

EDC? Plain Edge. Work knife? Serrated.

The SE is much tougher and will hold up better to extended use without sharpening by a very significant amount.
Serrated all the way. But that's only because that's all i could find when i bought mine. :p
Hi guys,
I have couple questions for you?
Do you have any ideas where to get PE except e-bay?
How do you sharpen them (details will be appreciated)?
Serrated! Why you ask? This type of knife you will find to be most useful when doing daily home or work duties. You can not beat how well a GOOD serrated blade works when opening boxes or slicing banding. The serrations just grab hold of what ever it is your cutting and then do the rest for you. Also regarding the blade shape of the DoDo, if you are not better then soso at sharpening, these deep bellied blades can give you the fluxxx!!! Nuff Said...
Here's a place with a plain edge:http://www.botac.com/spydercododo.html bh49: To sharpen any recurved edge using a round ceramic stone is best. Diamond stones will sharpen faster but almost certainly scratch the blade unless your quite skilled at sharpening. You could also use a Sharpmaker.

I'm not sure if it is stock or not. By the way thanks everyone for your help, I ordered a black SE Dodo yesterday from wildeals.com. I highly recommend the site cuz' for $65 the price can't be beat.

If David at Wildealz still has some I recommend picking up either blade type. He's a great dealer. I got Blue SE and PE from him. Just a word of caution. The SE's (two) that I've had came with some significant blade play (mostly lateral). Tightening the pivot on the first one would not eliminate the blade play without causing very stiff opening. That one went back to Spyderco for service. In the meantime, David received a few more blue SEs and sent a new one out to me immediately. This one had less blade play, but was sufficiently remedied by tweaking the pivot screw. I'm not sure why the two SEs had that issue. My PE was one of the smoothest, most solid lock-ups out of the box that I've ever received. Regardless, the Dodo is an excellent blade that I highly recommend for its utility uses. I've said before it's like a box-cutter utility knife that can be resharpened many times. Good luck.

mike biz
thank you for info on knives and sharpening.
I am not sure that I would buy from botac. My experience with them is not that good, if you search “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!”, you will see that their reputation is bad and their BBB rating is a disaster.
Wildealz is a good dealer, but he does not have PE anymore.
Good thing I got mine from David @ Wildeals then. Botac was all I could find with even the possibility of PE. Thanks for the heads up on their bad reputation.