Serrated SAKs? Sharpening tools?

Jun 17, 1999

Well, I had a question or two for this forum, seeing how knowledgeable and friendly all of you out there are, regarding Victorinox's SAKs and sharpening tools in general.

I am of a mind to purchase a Victorinox "Hunter," yet I'd much rather have a serrated main blade (instead of the usual straight blade).

Does anyone, by chance, know if Victorinox even makes either serrated or serrated/plain combo blades for their SAKs? If so, can the blades be mixed and matched inbetween models?

I already own Victorinox's "Handyman" (stag scales), "Swiss Champ" (wooden scales), "Soldier," "Spartan," "Classic," and several others.

I know, based on my dealings with my former (upscale) German cutlery store retailer, that scales for instance can be customized by the factory, yet does this also apply to other features on these knives?

If not, then could most cutlery stores (read blacksmiths) easily enough convert a Victorinox SAK main blade into a serrated only or serrated/plain combo blade?

I have, truth be told, tried my luck in person by having gone to Ibach, Switzerland (for the stag scaled "Handyman"), yet I was greeted by a sign that read "Geschlossen wegen Betriebs Ferien" (Factory closed due to plant vacation) as is common enough in Europe.

Whats more is there, to all you guy's out there knowlege, a Victorinox SAK model that sports a cigar cutter? I seem to recall hearing that Wenger has one, yet what about the "original" people?

Additionally, is it true that Wusthof knife sharpening tools rank among the top? I seem to recall someone or another having informed me of the superiority of Solingen, Germany's stones as well as knives.

Thanks a bunch!

Michael Cedric


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Yes, the new Skipper has a serrated main blade. It is similar in some ways to the Hunter. You may not need the tools for repairing sails but the main blade locks and is certainly serrated. Nice blue handle, too. Take care.

Knife Outlet

Hello Knife Outlet,

Well, for starters,thank you for responding!

So, that having been said, "I should have thought of the Skipper myself!" LOL

I recall seeing the Skipper on the Victorinox Co.'s web page, under New items, yet I had not noticed it had a serrated main blade.

Whats more...

I should have thought of the "Matterhorn" model. This Victorinox SAK also has a serrated main blade ("They say the mind is the first thing to go!"). LOL

Additionally, it would still be nice to receive, from various people outthere, some info on the other questions I posted!

Take care,

Michael Cedric


McSwiney, you stated you have a Soldier model. Does it have the old hollow rivet designed to take a lanyard? The ones produced after 1993 do not. I e-mailed Victorinox in Switzerland and was told the new ones coming to the U.S. would have the keyring like the Pioneer to accomplish the same purpose, but I haven't seen any, just the Soldier with no means of attaching a lanyard. Also, look on the base of the main blade on the Soldier model only. The number you see is the year your knife was manufactured. This is a requirement of the Swiss Army for some reason. The Swiss Army really does issue this model to its troops.

Bruce Woodbury
Swiss Army Brands (, I think) has their whole bewildering variety on their web page. A few of their models have scalloped-edge main blades. Look for mountain names, like "Matterhorn" or "Ranier."

Howdy again?

Bruce - There is no hollow rivet on my Victorinox "Soldier" model nor is there a key ring. This, no doubt, has to do w/the fact that the knife was made in 1994.

I, however, purchased the knife in Heidelberg, Germany (among other) for that very reason.

James Mattis - Thank you for the kind advice regarding Swiss Army Brands.

I actualy had started a web search just prior to, and did not finish until after said post, regarding the serrated Victorinox's.

I have indeed already come across Swiss Army Brands, and the "Matterhorn," yet I now am also inclined to buy a Midnite MiniChamp II (as I discovered it on their web page during my search).

About the "Matterhorn"...

It appears to be exactly what I'm looking for, yet if I can order it directly from Vicrotinox (now that I have a model name) then I could get stag scales instead of the standard red plastic ones.

Thanks SO much for the helpful insights & please continue to bring it on!

Michael Cedric


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