Sewing Eye?

Sep 11, 2004
What is it for (well I guess sewing, anything else)? How are you supposed to use it?

This is on the Wenger Pocket Tool Chest.
Oct 3, 1998
The first thing to remember is that it is for emergency repairs only. Your repair will not look as nice as using a machine or regular sewing needles (for me anyway). Because of the thickness of the awl, it works best for heavier materials.

To use it, loop a piece of thread or fishing line through the loop and push it through the material. On the other side, pull one end of the line free repeat going the other way. I also loop the free end through the loop so that it kind of locks the stitch. It's easier to do it than to explain it.

It's pretty slow to use an SAK for sewing repairs. For me it's kind of a last resort tool. If you have the need to repair a lot of gear, I would get a sewing kit or a Speedy Stitcher ($7 at