SF Bay Area Get Together

Hey guys,

Would any of you SF Bay Area guys like to get together to show&tell knives and down a couple beers? I found a pizzeria in Santa Clara that makes great pizza, and has a little separate dining room that's free to use (they just ask we buy beer & pizza from them). Steve Harvey and I have been getting together to swap knives from time to time, and it'd be fun to have a bigger group.

I'm thinking 6:30 PM on this Tuesday, May 18. Please respond here or to me (jat@cup.hp.com) if you're interested in showing up. If there's enough interest, I'll go ahead and reserve the room and post directions to the pizzeria.


I would love to get back to S.F.(man I miss that place) but am currently stuck in Washington.
Once I retire from the Military(6years to go) you will find me roaming the streets of the greatest city in the world.
Until then, enjoy the view and tip one back for me.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
I'm in.

Lesse...Walt, Smoke and Ralf are from around here, so is Steve Harvey. Try sending them EMail, they're liable to know of others.

Jim March
I would love to get together, but starting on Saturday the San Francisco Opera begins the tech for the Ring Cycle. I will be working every evening for the next two weeks.

Lets keep in touch, and maybe I can make the next get together.

Sounds cool! Give me the exact address and I'll see if I can make it.
I'll reserve the room tonight, and post directions tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you guys there. Bring cool stuff! Walt, I'd love to see one of those electric glow lights...

Who knows, if all goes well between now and then, this might be the ideal opportunity for the public unveiling of the latest from SPEEDTECH knives.....

Stay sharp!


Jim O'Young
Home of the Speed Tech "SYNERGY" (tm)
count me in.Maybe I can pry Patrick away from his digs for the evening.


have a"knife"day
May 18...i can't make it...would be interesting to put faces on the names...maybe it can turn into a monthly thing?

--dan (in Daly City)
Yes!! SF Bay Area peoples turn to get together. Let me know where? Maybe we can all go to my house to look for my misplaced
Calypso Jr.? I would like to hang with the knife nuts...

Mark Camp

"Life is nothin' but a series of fascinations"

Ok, and lots of hard work...

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Looks like I moved away from the bay area
a couple of months too soon. From the quality and quantity of the knife shops and shows there you wouldn't think anyones into knives. Ok, the SF Gun exchange is alright and Edge of the World although pricey at least has a little selection, but when Williams Cutlery is the main stay on the penninsula it makes you wonder. The BAKCA show is OK but small. And I guess internet outfits like Triple Aught (Oakland) are bringing in some retail life. But geez the days I wandered around looking for decent hand mades to get my greasy hands on......
Or the times I waited for the next Cow Palace
Gun show just to visit the Finer Points table or Scott Moores, makes me wish there was some kind of knife junkie meeting sooner. Have fun, maybe I'll send a friend, he'll buy or trade anything w/an edge.