SF Gun Exchange

Aug 2, 1999
I saw something on the news the other night about the SF Gun Exchange going out of business. So I was wondering whether any of my fellow Bay Area forumites know whether they're offering any really good close-out prices on their inventory of production knives (e.g., Spyderco, BM)?

This is the first that I have heard this (busy at work.) Do you know when they plan on shutting the doors?


Dave, thanks for the heads up. I am all over it.


I saw this on TV tonight also. People were literally lined up around the block waiting to get in. Does anyone know why they closed?
I saw that news story too. I believe that they are closing this Saturday after 50 years of business. The owner said that they simply weren't making enough money. A lot of it was due to the current anti-gun laws. I stopped by last Saturday to see if I could find a good deal on any knives, but they still had a long line to get in. I decided I didn't want to wait in line, so I can't tell what's left.