Shadow III Convex Edge from Factory?

Aug 25, 2004
After a LOT of time on the sharpmaker I am finally getting a good edge on my Shadow III after dulling it again by using it to chop down a few trees (not kidding)! :D Anyway, I am wondering if the reason I have had so much trouble is because it came from the factory with a convex edge and I have been unknowingly fighting against this all this time, essentially converting it from convex to flat grind? This would certainly explain a lot, if it is the case. It also gives much hope for the future since I realize that once I have the grind completely flat then it will be much easier to get a good edge on it in the future by useing only the sharpmaker.

I have heard that the Sebbie comes from the factory with a convex edge... is the same true of the Shadow III? For that matter, do all CRKs come with a convex edge, not counting those few "special" ones I hear so much about onthe forum that are no longer made.

The primary edge is put on at the grinder and then it is polished with a hard felt wheel and buffing compound which results in a razor sharp convex edge.

All of the knives at CRK recieve the same edge treatment as far as I know.