Shadow IV Question

Aug 25, 2004
I am trying to get an idea of the capacity of the handle on the Shadow IV. I noticed that the Shadow III is described in another thread as "holding a Arc AAA perfectly". This gives me a very good point of reference as to the capacity of the Shadow III handle (assuming it is an accurate description). I was wondering if someone could give me a similarly effective description of the handle capacity of the Shadow IV? Handle capacity is of a major concern for me. I would like to get the handle capacity as large as possible but I must also keep the blade at 5.5" or less for legal reasons. Also I should note that if the Shadow III and IV are the same then I would probably go with the Shadow III as 4" is plenty of blade for my purposes, however a 5.5" blade is certainly workable if it would mean (roughly) 25% or more handle capacity over the Shadow II. Thanks in advance.
I don't own either of these but I do have the Mountaineer I and II which are the same except the blade.The 5.5" version does have more storage than the 4".I carry only a firesteel and tinder in mine so I can't really tell you how much it will hold.What are you wanting to carry in yours and I may can tell you if it will fit?
Ideally I'd like to be able to stick a spark lite, a couple MP-1 tabs (about the size of asprin), a condom and a couple of spraklite tinders or cotton balls. I think the condom is the item that would take up the most room... when you say "firesteel" are you talking about the large army issue version? those are pretty big
I use the Scout Model Firesteel.I remove the plastic handle by carrfuly grinding it off.I would think you could fit the items you described if you chose the Scout Model as I did.
Well curiosity and impatience got the best of me and I ordered a Shadow III w/ overnight delivery. It came in today. He's what I got in the handle.

1 Small Ferrocerium Rod (the size usually found on Doans MFS's)
3 Kaytadin MP-1 Tabs
1 Condom
2" x 6" Duct Tape
4 Sparklite Tinders
4 Waterproof Matches w/ Striker
4 Butterfly Sutures

I also replaced the lanyard with 4' of braided 7 strand paracord so all-in-all I think it makes for a very nice little backup kit. I must say I am extremely impressed with this blade. It is my first (and certainly not my last) CRK knife. I really like the pancake sheath also.