Sharpening a Benchmade Stryker

Feb 18, 1999
Is this knife sharpenable with a Spyderco Sharpmaker? I've heard some say that it's the edge grind thick and sudden? I'm basically referring to the ATS-34 version. Also, how does the secondary edge sharpen up, and is this edge on a Tanto sharpened separately from the primary edge?
Yes, you can use the Sharpmaker (as I have done successfully many times).
If it is a partially serrated Stryker, you will do it in three separate parts: you will sharpen the main edge on the flat side of the medium stones, then you will hold the knife tip-down so as the secondary edge is perpendicular to the stones and sharpen the secondary edge like it was another knife, and then you will turn the left stone to use the edge to sharpen the serrations.
Take a look at the sharpening f.a.q. elsewhere on this site.