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Sharpening a Byrd CE blade

May 9, 2001
I recently bought a G-10 CE Byrd Meadowlark. This has to be the best $25 on the market. The lock up is solid, smooth action, razor sharp out of the box. The G-10 has some scuffs, but I don't worry about cosmetic things on a $25 knife.

My favorite EDC is a fully serrated "SpyderEdge" Delica. The Meadowlark doesn't come in a fully serrated model, so I got a CE. My only other CE is a Spyderco Wegner. On the Wegner, the PE portion of the blade is ground on both sides of the blade.

The PE portion of the Meadowlark blade is only ground on one side - like the serrated portion (I guess that's chiseled ground). When I sharpen serrations on my Sharpmaker, I only use the fine (white) ceramic on the "corner" position - just like the Sharpmaker instuctions state.

So how do I sharpen the chisel ground PE portion of the blade on my Sharpmaker? Thanks.
Match the angle on the side that's ground by tilting the knife (or tilt the base of the Sharpmaker). Then, on the back side, lay it flat (or very close) to remove the burr.