Sharpening an Emerson CQC-7.


Mar 23, 1999
What's the best way to sharpen this beauty; is the Spyderco Sharpmaker the best on the market and if the satin finish is "worn", how do you restore? I was at a sportsman show last weekend, and got sucked in on a knife sharpener that marked up my blade. I'm looking to restore or fix. I need some help.
Since the Emerson edges are sharpened from only one side, a flat stone works as well as anything else to sharpen them. Color the edge with a marker so that you can tell when you have the angle right.

A satin finish can be touched up with wet/dry abrasive paper. Experiment with 320 to 400 grit to see what matches the best. Use a cutting lube or WD-40. For the finish strokes, use a fresh part of the sheet for each stroke.