Sharpening Applegate Covert

Aug 12, 1999
I seem to have a great deal of difficulty sharpening my Covert on my sharpmaker 204. It seems that the blade is so wide and slopes down so steeply to the edge that I can't get the edge to contact the ceramic rod properly.As a result I get uneven contact and lousy results. Anyone else find this to be so? Any ideas on a different method of sharpening this knife? I should admit up front that I am pretty inept with bench stones. Thanx.
The two Coverts I've had have both had very steep edge bevels. There are two approaches you could take, modify your sharpening method, or re-bevel the edge to match your sharpener. I personally modified my sharpening technique. Get a felt marker and color the edge so that you can see what part of the edge is getting sharpened, then tilt the blade in respect to the sharpener until the whole edge is getting sharpened. You won't be holding the knife straight up and down when you sharpen, but the ink on the edge will let you know when you have the angle right.

Good knife. I really like the Covert.