Sharpening - How NOT to round the tip?

Joe Dirt

Jan 26, 2006
I currently have a Lansky. I have used it to sharpen all my knives and never had a problem. I can however see that if I continue to use it the way that I am I will end up rounding the tips of my blades.

Is there a way to sharpen without rounding the tips? Should I be moving the blade every inch or so of sharpening instead of sharpening the entire blade from one clamp location?

Should I sharpen 95% of the blade and then just do the last 5% of the tip area seperately and be careful?

Should I scrap the Lansky and get a Sharpmaker or Gatco or Edgepro?

What do you guys use? Anyone just use stones and an angle guide?
Feb 1, 2004
I have this same problem free sharpening with waterstones. I have to change the angle of attack when the last 25 percent of the knife comes in contact with it (KaBar), and the last 25 percent of the blade is much more dull. I was wondering if I should sharpen in segments or what? :confused:
Dec 8, 2004
I find it very easy to round off tips with guided systems. I usually just go a little slower and only use forward motions, when I use backwards and forwards motions I tend to round off the tips on the back stroke.
Dec 27, 2004
Weird, I have the opposite experience -- my Sharpmaker wants to round off the tip, but on a whetstone, my tips stay sharp. I avoid running the knife off the stone, of course; doing that would round the tip, same as a Sharpmaker.

No experience with Lansky, sorry.