sharpening longer blades with lansky

Jul 1, 1999
does any one have a method to sharpen longer blades with a lansky stlye sharpening system. longer blades change the angle of the sharpener and was wondering what distance to set the sharpener to keep the same angle. thank you.
I sharpen part of the blade then move the clamp down the spine and sharpen the rest. I don't have any knives long enough to warrant moving it more than once.

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I do the same as Bill and move the clamp as needed. In my experience, the shape of the blade will also affect how many times you will have to move the clamp in order to maintain the same angle. I sharpened a Sirupati with a nearly 16" blade & only moved the clamp once. There is some variation in edge angle but it is negligible.



This is not my firsthand experience, but one of my friend's. You can tie the knife directly on a table by C-clamp, stand two or three supports on the tabel that holds a horizontal thin metal board with many holes in it to sustain the lansky hone.

Using one hole you can sharpen a few inches, then move the hone on to another hole to start to sharpen next part of the edge.

I hope some wise would evolve this system and enlighten me, and my friend with how to sharpen a large KHUKURI with a lansky.

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thank you for all the replies, I think I'll try making a device similiar to the described by Wrong Friend. It sound like you could get a consistant angle. once again thank you.