Sharpening serrated blades

Feb 19, 2001
I just bought my first serrated blade (Cold Steel Land & Sea rescue) so, as basic as this may sound, how do I sharpen the darn thing after it's dull. I know this knife is made to cut heavy stuff but every knife gets dull sooner or later. Help! Thanks, John
I don't know about your knife, but the serrated portion on my Stryker has yet to get dull. It's getting worn down, but not dull. But, just to answer your question, I believe Lansky makes a serrate sharpening system. However, the only way I've ever known to re-sharpen a serrate is to put a new edge on it.
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Welcome aboard! Recommend the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker model 204. This is excellent for sharpening serrations and plain edged knives and even more!


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Those Cold Steel miniserrations don't respond real well to the Sharpmaker. I have the same serrations on a Vaquero Grande that gets a lot of heavy use slashing and chopping, so it has gotten dull -- but not very. I steel the flat side. It has worked fine so far.
I use the triangle shaped file from the Spyderco Ceramic file set to sharpen the mini-serrations on Cold Steel knives. It has a much narrower profile than the triangle stones that come with the Sharpmaker, and works great! Lansky has advertised a new sharpener made specially for Cold Steel blades that has grooves that fit the Cold Steel mini-serrations. Good Luck!
P.S. The Lansky is a keychain style sharpener. I would guess it sells for around $10. You use it by swiping the blade down it like you are trying to cut off a slice of the stone. Also, be careful if you are using portable sharpeners. Have a good one!

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Spyderco have made a jewlers set of small files. I use those and sharpen each serration one at a time... But it does work!


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