Sharpening Systems...HELP!

Jan 10, 1999
I recently purchased a Syderco triangle sharpening system, and overall it performs OK. I have a few complaints, mainly the ceramic has started to chip, and how the blade tip rubs against the non-contact side when the draw is finished due to the side pressure. Should I hold the knife in the same horizontal position all the way through the draw, or do I bring the handle up as I draw so the edge on the belly gets more stone?

What I'd like to know (from you all) is, is there a better system, i.e., Lansky? How do the two compare; does the Lansky hold up better? Do you hold the knife and draw the stone over the edge or vice versa?

What can I say, I just can't stand flat stones. Any input would be appreciated.


Sounds like you might be applying too much pressure when you use your Triangle sharpener. I've had mine for years, along with some Spydie pocket and 8" bench stones and only my big 1200 grit has a little nick on the side.

As far as the systems go, you can't beat the Edge Pro Apex-1. Yes it's pricey, especially with all the accessory stones like mine has. But nothing else gives you the total angle control and repeatability this setup does. Lots of "name" players swear by them. They are messy (you use water to lube the stones), and you need to be careful about the metal knife bed scratching up prized blades (simply use a small piece of soft cloth as a buffer), and it takes more effort to setup... but the results are well worth the trouble.


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

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Bob try a strip of "painters" tape down the flat of the blade to avoid scratches. If you aren't familiar with it, looks like a regular roll of masking tape, but it is blue. Comes off very easily and leaves no residue...jeff
Bob -
I agree about the EdgePro system. I have the Professional (see at Yes, it's a little pricey, but is really a LOT more stable than the Lansky.
Jeff -
Where do you get that 'painter's tape'? I've used regular masking tape for protection before, but it is a tad messt taking it off, and I usually wind up taking a few swipes with alcohol or fingernail polis remover (acetone) with a q-tip afterwards to clean the blade up. Fortunately, this doesn't happen often, as I normally prefr my usin' knives to be bead-blasted or satin, not mirror.

If you're really serious about it and willing to spend some, I've read some good things about the Tormek wet-wheel sharpening system. This little jewel starts at $400 and goes up (fairly quickly!) with a few accessories. Do a web search and you'll find it well reguarded on the woodworking forums for sharpening chisels, planes, gouges, etc.