Sharpening Systems Why?

Oct 3, 1998
Hello all,

Just curious what are the reasons for chooseing the Ceramic stix's or the "Edgemate" style systems (clamps). I'm going to purchase the spyderco eventually.
Well, use neither of those. I use a flat diamond stone with the wooden base removed. Mine is six inches long. I want one 8-9 inches as I bought the one I have to sharpen my folder, which was the only knife I had at the time. I also have a moderate-sized fixed-blade, and have alway been able to put a better edge on with a stone longer than the blade.

My reason for choosing the diamond over ceramic was because I travel quite a bit, and do a lot of time in the field. Diamond stones, being metalic, can take more whacking around. Not to say ceramics are as fragile as they sound.

I bought a set of Croc Sticks, couldn`t figure how to make`em work at the time, so traded them in the nest day for a Lansky Arkansas. Anybody still use one of those?

Main thing was I couldn`t figure how you are supposed to sharpen on a stick that`s, well, sticking up in the air at an angle. Still don`t get it. At a gun show, a fellow knife enthusiast who`s table I visited had a 5" Spyderco ceramic sharpner, I think it was a sharpmaker, vaguely oval in cross-section. He used it as a flat stone, and in two strokes had a good edge back on my knife, which is sharpened, and used, with great frequency. I think in this case he was more straightening the edge then removing material and "sharpening" it. Still, it did the job awful quick. `Takes a couple passes on the diamond.
Note that there was a chip knocked out of the corner, though it did not impair function. Someday I may try a ceramic number like this.
Well the purpose, of course, is to help you maintain a consistent angle throughout the sharpening process. The clamping fixtures lock the hones at very precise angles and V sticks do the same thing with more speed but less precision. I think the clamping fixture type sharpeners are outstanding for people who don't mind spending a little extra time but want a really super edge. The V sticks are good for touchups but not for grinding a bevel. If you're only going to have one system go with a clamp type and then choose V sticks for quick touch ups as an additional tool.

Knife Outlet

Thanks, to you both you save be some dollars that I can use to purchase more knives. [:)]

I just purchased a EdgePro "Professional" knife sharpening system and it the very best I have ever used to date. It is a manual system which uses waterstones and you can use different angles for different knives. It takes off only the necessary amount of steel to sharpen knives. It is so precise, something that you just cannot do on stones; I did have a DMT diamond stone, however, I don't like them as they take off too much steel and you really have to be careful with them.
Just thought that I would pass along this info. as this system is great!!!