Sharpening Tanto Style Blades

Mar 1, 2000
I have a lot of different knives in my little collection. At leasts half are "using" knives. (At least a little.
I am also a great believer in ceramic sharpeners. I have two or three. One is quite smooth. I think I do a good job of keeping my blades "shaving sharp". However, I do have one problem. The front edge of the blade (the "upswept", small part) is just impossible (at least for me!) to sharpen to the same degree as the longer part. I am one of those guys who walk around with huge bald spots on my arms where I have tested my blades for "sharpness". I just CAN'T get the front edge of a tanto blade "shaving sharp". What am I doing wrong?
Something like not being able to get your blade as sharp as you'd like could easily be the thing that puts you in the mental hospital!

Try using a bench stone. I sharpen the tips of my tantos at a slightly steeper angle than the blades, but have no problem getting them to the same sharpness. Have a look at the sharpening FAQ.