Sharpening the convex ground edge

May 4, 1999
In the Sharpening FAQ, and according to everything I've ever heard, you need a slack belt grinder to sharpen a convex ground blade. However, in Ed Fowler's Knife Talk, he says that all you need is a stone. Is this so? If so, how do you sharpen a convex ground edge with a stone or other conventional sharpening setup?


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All you need is a stone. You can use a slack belt to sharpen, but i dont use the slack belt unless there is major edge damage and it is in need of re conditionnig.

I find spyderco bench stones, or norton bench stones to be the best for me. Just maintain the angle that the maker established on the edge. On my convex edges the angle is almost non existent, but there none the less. You just need to work the very edge, and not try to re establish a "bevel". To me, the nice part about a conxex edge is that there is no large secondary bevel, that allows me to get the edge much keener without the use of equipment (buffers & compound etc.)


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