Sharpening the knife edge?

Feb 8, 2019
So I watched more videos on making Knives than I should have in a day. Also searched a ton on here and Google. I really only see angle grinder and belt Sanders being used for creating the chamfer. (Not sure the terminology for where the thick part of the blade angles down towards the cutting edge?)

Do most use those cheap yet effective sharpeners that look like two washers? Or hand file and home with a stone? Stone wheel on a bench grinder?

Basically, what is the most common way to sharpen the cutting edge after creating the profile?
If you got a knife that you wouldn't mind messing up, playing with the stones might be a good way to learn to sharpen your knives ,eventually
you'll be able to keep a fairly consistent edge angle...Practice makes
But of course,if you do not have the time to work on your
free-hand sharpening skills those fancy Gatco-like sharpeners
will do the job well.:)
The sharpeners that are " 2 washers" like you mentioned are not really sharpeners. The re align the cutting edge. I think most people here use sharpening stones. You can buy individual stones and do it free hand or you can get a guided system like the Wicked edge or Edge pro apex like Wowbagger Wowbagger said. Belt sanders are used buy makers and are quite expensive. A mini version of a belt sander that is reasonable is the Worksharp system, another good option.

There are many opinions and options
My advice is to buy a bench stone and learn how to freehand sharpen on it.
I suggest visit the knifemaker sub forum. They have tons of info on how to make the primary grind, which I think what you mean by thinning from spine to cutting edge.

I usually see them using belt sander.