Sharpening Tools

Jul 26, 2005
My EDC Sog Flash II is in desperate need of sharpening. What equipment can I buy to sharpen this and my other blades?

I want great equipment that will last a long time :)
Also, any guides for sharpening would be great too.

Apr 24, 2007
Lots recommend a sharpmaker, or similar. I like stones and sharpen freehand. Also, read the sticky here. Great information.

Nov 8, 2005
If I was just starting to sharpen, knowing what I do now, I'd first read The Razor Edge Book Of Sharpening by John Juranitch.
Oct 8, 2005
DMT duo-sharp bench stone. 8"x3". Fine/X-Fine.. buy the stone holder. That's the 'down the middle' sharpener that will do a fast clean job on any ordinary/average sized knife.

It's not enough by itself to do everything but it'll sharpen MANY things very rapidly to a using level..

A slightly cheaper solution is a Norton Waterstone (combo) of 1000-4000 grit, 'entry level' stone that still works well..

My recommendation is to use either a dry (DMT/EZ-Lap/Other) diamond hone, OR mid-grade or better waterstones.. don't try to learn both at the same time. The dry stone will give you a slightly coarser and toothier edge, which may be perfect for your needs.

The waterstone gives (in general) a more polished and aligned edge, generally suited for lighter cutting and more controlled enviornments. (kitchen work)..

You can find small tools and jigs that'll allow you a good result on ONE knife.. or you can buy the tool and grow the skill that lets you sharpen anything. . and you'll likely gain patience in the process as well as skill. I would think a minimal stone collection would have a dozen stones perhaps. . and cost a few hundred dollars.. but a full suite of stones will do everything from lawn mower blades to a straight razor. Get a good bench stone to start, add in small specialty hones as you find you need them.. most decent sharpening tools will last many years and possibly outlive you, so choose carefully.. ;)