sharpening UJI and WOO-help!

May 19, 1999
I really like these two knives but the edge geometry seems strange.The blades are single ground but sharpened on both sides.This makes the edge bevel on one side longer than the other.Does anyone have experience sharpening these?I want to improve the original edge.
Thanks chiro.I guess I will try to even up the edge-maybe thin it out a little in the process.
Thanks chiro.I guess I will try to even up the edge-maybe thin it out a little in the process.
Chiro, that is sound advice, I have Uji and it is a wierd angle on a great knife. I am not a fan of single grind, will make exception for newt but yes the knife takes getting used to. Compounding that is the curve in the blade. I recommend the sharpmaker for this knife, doing most of your sharpening on the ground side and beveling the other side enough to simply remove the burr if any left by use. Oh, does the hollow grind on the flat side throw you as well? Call Newt and talk to him, he is not shy about sharing info with you if you ask.

Regarding the bevel, you don't actually sharpen with the bevel, do you Bennie? I would think that if you did, you could use it as an ice scraper as opposed to a precision cutter. Tell you what, i will take mine out of the traininng bag for a while and use it i the kitchen and thus experiment with the edge and resharpening it often.

Im happy to report that I have solved the edge problem on my Uji,Woo and my 24/7 carry NRGS.The secret is the steel(sharpening steel that is).Anyway,after Parkers post(thanks)I decided a practical test was in order.After using my DMT set to put a decent edge on the three knives I started cutting everything in sight.Tree branches,2x4(uji),lots of rope and cardboard,Naugahide barcelona chair,leather jacket etc.The edges were good but not shaving sharp.Well to make a long story short,My mom gave me two large smoked roasts to be thin sliced for slow cooker barbecue.Out comes the Uji.I begin slicing and realize the edge I thought was good isnt really all that sharp.Frustrated, I grab the steel from the knife block,make a few passes(maybe ten),check the edge by shaving my arm.Well its shaving now-hair and skin.After cleaning and bandaging my arm,I start slicing the roast again-what a difference.I steeled the NRGS.Same results.The moral of this longwinded story:If you cant seem to get a perfect edge you might want to try the steel.It really worked great for me.