sharpest knife ever

I've had my KA-BAR with D2 steel extreme folder for two thats right two months and a week. I hated it at first because the thumb disc kept cutting my finger and the clip was way too loose! After my dad fixed it up he said I could have it. I have cut string, wood, copper wire, literally beat it on wood, and done all possible. But for some reason no matter how much I hate it, I've learned to grow a soft spot for it. The thing still cuts like a mad man. I don't think the design is perfect but I'm totally impressed in the D2 steel.


Jul 20, 2000
I've got three of Bob Doziers knives, 2 folders and a fixed blade, all with D-2 steel. I haven't put them to a severe cutting test yet but I do know that I've been cutting cardboard for over two weeks now with the folding dagger and have yet to touch the edge, still shaves! Cardboard is some of the most edge destroying material you can cut. I had one of the Kabar's and ended up giving it to my son. He really likes it and uses it a lot. He has yet to come to me about sharpening the thing!

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bmafckfan, I found exactly this as well. I posted exactly these findings months ago. Get some silocone grease put it where the pivot pin is. Put the knife under a hot water tap for 2 mins. Open and close 10 times. Let dry. Put some Tuf Glide in there and open and close 50 times. This really made mine easyer on the thumb. Sorry for the spelink mistakers!


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