Sharpest knife on earth and I have it!

Apr 30, 1999
Bold statement huh? I have a small sebenza, came sharp out of the box and I've always kept it that way on a 1200 grit DMT. I've also tried stropping on the back of cardboard and really didn't notice much difference. But all of this is no big deal right? Well a co-worker gave me a whole case of 4" dia. 3 micron buffing disks for fiber-optics. Tonight I finaly got around to using them. I took two and stuck them to my DMT diamond-vee (to keep an accurate angle) and just lightly stroked the blade away from the edge.YEOOOOOOOW!!! To say the edge is sharp is the biggest understatement of the year. I have never felt anything sharper. It's almost scarey.
Anybody else sharpen to 3 microns or less? This is on a whole nother level of what most people would call sharp. I'm pretty proud of myself but my wife just thinks I'm a weirdo.
Sounds like it's sharp enough to make helium into hydrogen. Be careful!

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What are "4" dia. 3 micron buffing disks for fiber-optics", and where can I get some? I want to make my sebenza super hair popping sharp also.

Sometimes, a guy really needs to listen to his wife! That having been said, it sounds like you have arrived at "knife knut's Nirvana"!I doubt that anyone here is going to beat your 3 micron edge.

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I have used the polishing pads that are used to bring the optical quality surface to eyeglass lenses. Unbelievably sharp!
I use a similar method using pollishing weels, and the finest pollishing grit i can find on a baldor buffer. Makes a nice sharp edge. I actually prefer to put an edge on by hand, as you get way more control over edge type and angle etc... I have recently been using a set of Norton Waterstones to 8000 grit and they make a nice aggressive edge.

Im not sure exactly how Tim Zowada sharpens his knives, but so far his are the sharpest ive felt....followed by Jim Crowell and Jerry Fisk. These 3 guys are sharp fanatics and EXCELLENT makers.

Any how, glad to hear you found a good method. What makes the weels for the carbon fiber different then standard buffing or sissel weels etc...???

Sounds like fun!! I take my Sebenza to 4000 grit on my Edge Pro and man is it sharp!! I really do like BG-42...and when I just go to 320 grit on the blade it really will hold an edge, the best of any stainless steel I've ever tried. I would like to try some of those buffs!
A post mentioned Tim Zowada knives and how sharp he gets them...I totally agree! The VERY sharpest knife I have ever held in my hands is a L-6 custom that Tim made for me, it is one mean skinning knife and holds it's edge forever.
JoHnYKwSt, 4 inch in diameter buffing disks, and that's what the guy told my co-worker when he bought them from him. My co-worker is a pack-rat so who knows how long he's had them laying around he also called the company to try to sell them back to them but had no luck and now I got them. This is what's on the box if anybody want to contact them.
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My boxes have 3 micron checked off on the front but 12, 9, 1, and 0.3 are listed on the front also. I don't even want to think how sharp a 0.3 micron edge is.

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mj is right. Obsidian glass, which breaks along lines at the molecular level is many times sharper than any steel blade can ever achieve.
In addition to obsidion blades there are DIAMOND blades used for cutting electron microscope samples. Thes will "allegedly" cut a virus in half. That's SHARP. Just touching the edge will foul it up for it's intended purpose. Thes suckers are a lot of money since they're made with gem quality stones (at least that's what I read).