Sharpmaker 203/204 upgrade...

Nov 3, 1999
I recently found a couple of industrial suppliers that sell different grits of 1/2" triangular stones that will fit the keyslots of the Sharpmaker. I just recieved a few sets of hard arkansas stones. These stones appear to have similar cutting properties to a 800 grit Japanese water stone. They are much more aggressive than the gray ceramic stones and therefore speed up the process of sharpening a very dull knife. I have a very neglected AFCK that hasn't seen daylight in a long time. A couple of weeks ago I had some extra time down in the shop and thought I would break in my new Sharpmaker and get that folder back in shape. Well, after 15 minutes with the gray stones, I hit the lights and retired to my computer screen. This morning I substituted the new arkansas stones and tried again. Substantial results: I was ready to graduate to the gray sones in 10-15 minutes. I also borrowed a 8X lupe from work to monitor my progress. I would highly recommend everyone interested in sharpening to buy one. You really can see the differentiation in the grits.
If any one is interested in different grits of triangular stones (aluminum oxide is also available) please e-mail me! I am also looking for a natural or synthetic stone that can be used to polish after the white ceramic stones. I keep you posted!

Hi Roger!
I'm from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and I was able to locate an industrial abrasives company called USF. Perhaps they have different branches in other parts of the States. They sent me some literature regarding aluminum oxide and arkansas stones in differnt shapes and sizes. I bet that if you would rather deal with a company like this in your area, you could easily find a similar company to send you the same type of info!
Best regards,
Barry H.