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    Couple of months ago I bought a sharpmaker. Must have been an early bird, because it came without the video.
    Sometime later I was surprised to get the video, unfortunately in the non compatible NTSC mode. I thanked Spyderco and mentioned my problem. This morning I got a brand new PAL-version (good for Europe) which is just great stuff. Free of charge.
    THANKYOU very much. This is customer service.
    Anyway a good product!

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  2. MarkCid84


    Mar 13, 2000
    Just started using my new 204. I may never use the Lansky again! I had my ol' faithful Endura as sharp as I could get it, the ran it a few strokes on the 204. Boy was I suprised! I grabbed every knife in our kitchen & had them sharper than I ever imagined.
    One Cool Tool!

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