Sharpmaker questions.

Feb 27, 2000
Which one is the best? Sharpen fixed blades mainly and serrated folders.

Also, would a Sharpmaker help with a very small roll/chip on a Cold Steel SRK that I just can't get out on my flat stone? I don't know what it is, it's probably my technique but it's worked before.

Is the Sharpmaker easy to use and consitant? Seems every time I sharpen a knife a get to edge bevels and takes forever to get sharp.

Thanks! I really need the help. I got the knife info, I just need to learn how to sharpen them.

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I'm a beginner with knife sharpening and I use the Sharpmaker 204..... It comes with instructions and a video and sharpens everything from chisels, to pinking shears including all types of knives. In the video they explain how to get to that 'scary sharp' edge. I like it and it is quite easy to use and very portable. Best of luck!

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Riley, there are many many posts concerning the sharpmaker around, try a search for some more views on the subject. But for me, I think of it as a Sharp Keeper, since it doesn't remove a lot of metal and I can't set initial bevels with it fast enough, if they come out with the diamond sleeves again it would really help out. But as mentioned above the set comes with a book and tape, which has Sal Glesser actually demonstrating the use of the sharp maker.


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Well, I have the spyderco bench stones, medium, fine, and ultra fine. Don't have a sharpmaker, but they use the same material for the stones (high alumina ceramic). Sharpmaker comes with fine and medium. On the bench stones, doing a serious reprofiling of an edge, the medium stone loads up too fast to really even out heavy nicks or drastically reprofile an edge. If the nick is REAL big, you might want to pick up a smooth Nielsen (sp?) file and some C clamps. Clamp the knife to the table, and file away the nick, then finish up the edge with whatever stones you like. I just finished reprofiling a CS SRK for a friend, and I had to use a file on it...the factory edge is just too fat to do it any other way. Once I finished with the file, I evened it all out with the spyderco medium stone.
Originally posted by Gary W. Graley:
If they come out with the diamond sleeves again it would really help out.

Gary, I´ve "talked" to Sal on the Spydie Forum and he said that there will be diamond rods for the 204! They are shooting for year end
Generally I'm with Gary as to Sharp Keeper

Additionally SPYDERCO Sharpmaker is hard to bet if I need some knives to be sharpened with the consistent and equal angle at very edge, for edge holding comparison test for example.
For more my impressions on Sharpmaker please look here