Mar 29, 1999
Well, I just got a hold of an old Case knife, I'm still trying to find out the exact date, but anyway. I was sharpening it and I was doing if free hand, on a little 3" by 1" stone. I was doing a really good job, much to my surprise, but I noticed the last quater inch or the blade was not getting sharp. The rest of the blade was really sharp, but I could not get the tip sharp. So heres my question, how do you get your tip sharp? Also if you have any personal knife sharpening tip I would also appreciate them.
Does the edge curve a little bit towards the point? If so, you may have to increase the angle slightly near the tip. Try marking your edge with a marker and then run it accross the stone once to see where along the sdge you are sharpening and thenm adjust the angle accordingly. Hope this helps, its really hards to describe without any pics.

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Along with Roadrunners info you can use small circular motion on the tip to speed up removal of the extra material. Finish with a normal sharpening stroke.

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Sounds as if you are not pulling the blade downward as you go across the stone.
Also, the larger the stone the better.
Small knifes are used more at the point than anywhere else, so that's where it wears. After using a while and sharpening many times the edge gets thick near the point so it takes longer to sharpen there.

If you use a circular motion you can focus the grinding action where it's needed and get that 1/4" at the end sharp without wasting your time grinding away at the whole length of the blade, which doesn't need it.

Over time the blade will change shape, getting more rounded near the point. Eventually it may get too rounded -- then you can narrow it by grinding at the spine, or you can reshape the edge side, extending that belly farther down the edge, or a combination of both. After you've been using the knife that long you'll have a good idea what shape you want it, and you can often make an improvement over the shape it had when new.

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