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Shaving sharp! Thanks, gatco.

Nov 30, 2000
For the first time ever, I finally got one of my knives back to the point of shaving sharpness. Earlier tonite, while at a k-mart like store, I bought a gatco tri-seps. I even managed to get my old (and dull) benchmade balisong back to the point that its alot more exciting to flip.

I've got to admit, I'm very impressed. I still want to buy a spyderco sharpmaker 204, but for the time being, the gatco will hold me over.

The only bad part is the strange lack of arm hair I've developed. I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it. The best $6 I've spent in a long time.

-- Rob
How do you use the gatco? Do you hold it up in position like a sharpmaker, hold it horizontally or something else?
The tri-seps is like a portable mini-sharpmaker. The rubber tips to the triangular ceramic rod are beveled themselves, to guide you in maintaining a consistent angle, like the preset holes in the Sharpmaker's base.

The material seems to be identical to the gray Sharpmaker rods.

The tri-seps can be used like a small steel, held up and stroked with the knife. Be careful if you do this that you don't stroke your fingers with the blade!

It can be used like a file, to rub down dings in the edge or buff out corrosion on the flat of the blade. I've used mine on new knives, to smooth the edges of the backs of some blades, that came very precise or harsh from the factory.

It also comes with a diamond coating for more aggressive shaping.