Shawn McIntyre Tanto

Feb 28, 2002
Posted for Northgull, who is the lucky owner of this terrific tanto. I'll leave it to him to fill in the details.




I confess to and take personal responsibility for introducing Northgull to Shawn. :cool:
That piece flat out Rocks Hard.. a flat out Hard Rocker!
what a package!
Yesterday, I received in the mail from Australia the long-awaited custom, Japanese-style tanto built for me by Shawn McIntyre. It is magnificient! Sporting an 11" blade made of 1/4" W2 steel, 1 3/8" wide at the hilt, it is 16 1/2" overall length. It has a heated treated copper Hibaki and Damascus fittings. The hefty handle is made of long-split gidgee wood. The sheath is made of cedar and wrapped in brown and black pig skin. Pictures below do not do it justice. It was worth the almost one year wait! :D :D :D

Many thanks, Roger, for posting the pics for me.

Northgull, once again, I had the honour and privilege of seeing this one in person during one of my visits to Shawn's place. Absolutely, the pictures do not do it justice. This is BIG knife and it has an overwhelming presence that cannot be communicated in pictures.

Excellent get... Jason. :)