She said I was weird!

Dec 20, 1998
The other day,I was cruising the forums and had my new CRKT M16-04 sitting open on top of a box of tissues that is tucked into a cubby in the computer desk.My wife walked in and started to reach for a tissue and I warned her of the knife sitting atop the box.She asked me if it was open and I replied in the affirmative.She gingerly reached under the razor sharp edge and retrieved a tissue and asked me why I had it sitting there opened.I patiently explained to her that since it was one of my new toys I had been fondling it and playing with it and generally getting to know it at which point she interrupted and told me that I was weird! My question to those of us that understand knife lust is,how many of your spouses or significant others cast a juandiced eye on your knife habit?

proud to be part of the problem
Er, all of them...
Yeah, my wife and most of my friends think my knife "Problem" is just a little over the edge. Of course, my reply to that is "Speaking of over the edge, check out this edge...
. Ya gotta love it.
My wife thinks every knife is a pocket knife, an Old Timer, LUDT, or a SIFU all translate to pocket knife in her vocabulary. In one way it's nice no matter what I carry she never says it's too big. But then I'm all excited about some new knife that catches my eye. I try to discuss it with her, and get the usual response.

"Do you really need another pocket knife?"

THAT gets old fast.

"Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle."
Well, leaving a naked blade where someone could easily accidentally cut themselves is foolish to me. Don't try the explanations that you always pick it up when you get up. If you had gotten up in a hurry, for some emergent purpose, it could have easily been left in a dangerous position. I know, I sutured plenty of people up in the Emergency Dept. who had similar stories.

You basically had set up a fail-danger situation. You should strive for a fail-safe situation. If you forget, no one should be in danger.

When I was married, after sharpening the normally fairly sharp knives in the block, I would put a Post-It on the knife block, saying, 'SHARP.' Seems redundant, right? Well, my wife managed to cut her hand immediately after I had sharpened the knives.

Another time, I received a shipment of knives from a company. Talonite knives, which are allegedly left with a slight 'tooth' to the blade instead of being polished razor sharp. Unbeknownst to me, they returned two knives they weren't supposed to. Two knives that I was not expecting. Two knives that had been put naked in thin sandwich bags and tossed into a carton of styrofoam worms (the ones I was expecting were in sheaths). If I hadn't been my usual VERY careful and obsessive compulsive self, I would have lost a finger or two as I dug through the styrofoam pellets. The blades were poking through the sandwich blades, just waiting for me.

So, no, you are not weird. Just a little careless. Careless enough to cause an accidental laceration. Please be careful. Remember that the definition of a minor hand injury is one on someone else's hand.

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My wife thinks all my knives look alike. I mean she just glances at a new one, and says with a smile,"I don't see the difference, they all look the same to me."
Carver, what are you, some kinda freak?
I have the same problem, though ususally it's my girlfriend's knives that I am reaching over. Thankfully they are closed...
most of the time.
my wife just shackes her head every time I finish a knife because I have to admire-judge it for a long - long time. she thought I was weired when I started to make the first one on the kitchen table with a file and sand paper six months later she new I was. But she lets me do it any way.
My girlfriend has no problem with it. She knows that if she wants some garlic minced ultra fine - nobody does it better!
Spouse's nickname is LadyHawk - when the black MOD Ladyhawk showed up it was adopted (pirated) at once and spouse's attitude shifted from bemused trepidation to something resembling enthusiasm. Go figure.
As long as I'm not borrowing money from her to buy them, she doesn't think too much about it. She did go to the Blade show this year with me. She actually found a few very nice folders she wants to get at the next Blade show. Now If I could get her to react that way to firearms.

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The Wife doesn't think I'm weird.

She knows I'm weird.

But I finally got her to carry a Spyderco CF Dragonfly. I got home today and she said to me, "You won."

"Won what?"

And she told me she was at the office and she reached for her Spyderco to cut the strap on a box of copier paper, and it wasn't there, and she felt naked!

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My wife has been carrying a SS Dragonfly for about two years now on her key chain, HER friends/co-workers think shes weird, but they always know who to go to when they need a knife. I think she carries it t o humor me, but when I try to take it back or replace it she gets real stubborn and says "Thats MY knife!". Heck, I've even offered to get her a CR Umfaan to replace it and she says "No way". Now if I can only convince her to get ME an Umfaan! ;-)

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You keep a box of tissues on your desk? You are weird! That's valuable space that could be taken us by another knife.
"Yes, dear." "That's OK, dear." "No, you do NOT need another knife, dear."
Yup, gotta agree with James- SWMBO definately knows I am weird- with a capital WEIRD.

It's a fun job, and I'm glad to do it.

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My Girlfriend "kinda likes" knives, carryies a stryker, she thinks me sitting around for hours fondling a new blade is amusing. She think the amount of money I pay for knives is outrageous. Her tastes are a bit strange to me....she judges a knife by its physical appearance "Oooh thats pretty" or "Yuck that ugly". I tend to think of knives as purpose driven tools.
A box of tissues? What's wrong with a roll of toilet paper. Room for a knife in the middle! Cheaper too.
My wife is generally supportive of knife accumulating habits. On the other hand, I keep all fondling and flicking out of her sight, lest I prove to her that I need serious professional help.

Like James' wife, mine is also beginning to appreciate those times when a "pocketknife" can come in handy to perform various chores. It really came to light when, at her last job, she absconded with my micarta Calypso Jr., as she was becoming the shipping and recieving person in the office. She's now trying to con me into swapping for a carbon fiber handled Dragonfly that I recently tracked down, because she thinks it looks "cooler". As long as I don't get out of hand, she doesn't consider me weird at all. Well, not for knife stuff anyways, but we won't get into that here...

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