Sheath for Benchmade Model 710

Sep 24, 1999
I recently purchased a Benchmade Model 710 and would like a sheath for it. Can anyone recommend one?
Kevin Miller
There's several I've seen mentioned about the forums here that I'm sure could make one. Try searching for "sheath".

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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I responded to your post at the BM forum as well. Mike Sastre and Chiro75 both make impeccable kydex sheaths. You can have one made for the 710 in either the open or closed position; belt, in the waistband, or forehead carry for that matter. These gentlemen do first rate kydex sheathwork. If you prefer leather, there's options as well (like me; I make leather wet-molded sheaths in my spare time), but I know that you'll love these guys' work. They frequent here and probably will have their ears on when they see your post. Turnaround time and price with both of them is excellent, and they both seem to be nice fellas to boot.