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Sheath for Black Bear Classic..

Feb 22, 1999
A while back I purchased one of these from CS for 100 bucks! It was a clearance deal so I figured what the heck. It was a real pleasant surprise. The blade is about 9 inches and basically a double edged razor blade! I have not really field tested it for durability etc. but the sub-hilt design and blade would make it a formidable fighter without a doubt. The handle is micarta and a bit slippery so I fitted some Pachmyr self adhering grips to the handle. It looks pretty lousy but makes the grip really firm. My only problem is the cheap (shop at home knife show) sheath. It is flimsy and uncomfortable. Does anyone know where I can get a kydex sheath for this knife? Any other suggestions on getting a good sheath for it? thanks,Bo
I do,
Contact BF member Gary Graley at: ggraley@servtech.com

Gary is an outstanding leather craftsman and a bunch of us bought some nice custom made sheaths from him. Give him a holler and see what he says.

I know there are other excellent sheath makers out there, too, but I have personal experience with Gary and I highly recommend him.



Gary is a good choice for leather, also try Mike Sastre at River City Sheaths for Concealex or Kydex. I don't have his email address handy, but it's easily found in a couple of threads about the Military and the Moran.
videosas@aol.com for River City Sheath.

Highly recommend it.

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