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Sheath for Game Warden

Oct 18, 2001
I had an extra factory AD sheath lying around, since I bought a Bad A** AD sheath from Leatherman. Turns out that a GW fits in the original isssue AD sheath perfectly, resulting in a deep pouch sheath which leaves only about 1/3 of the handle exposed. This is not a fast-draw rig, but would be great for hunting. I also think that it could be nicely wet-molded to the GW.
I have been carrying my GW in one of the AD sheaths I have for a month now and it is quite secure and comfy. You might need a bit of lanyard to help with extraction. I didn't wet mold mine though.
Gee. I was considering the other way - getting a spare GW sheath for my AD.

Seriously. I looked at the AD vs. GW sheath. It would be in it far enuf to be secure yet still give me a 3-finger grip to draw it.
Not to hi-jack this thread, but I have some Busse/Game Warden sheath questions myself after purchasing my first Busse knife, (an orange GW).

I ordered a Armorall leather sheath for it off the Busse site, but have no clue what it looks like, color or style.

Do folks really not mind ordering products sight un-seen??, I ask because this is the first time I have ever done this.

I currently have the new GW in a very fine Hedgehog TOPS TB Scout sheath, which seems to fit and function pretty well, it looks nice and I like the color and style of the sheath; it's just that I find it unusual to pay premium prices for Busse knife products only to be faced with the prospect of "searching" around the sheath links there looking for a picture of a sheath so I know what I'm getting. (and no I could not find a pic of a GW sheath on the armourall site)

Seems I'll be faced with this again, as I hopefully bought a hell-razor off the board this am.......

I'm certain this has probably been cussed and discussed to death here and sorry for the rant but just find it annoying to spend big bucks on a fine knife product and get no way to tote it once ya get it, surely I'm not the only person buying Busse kinves to actually USE it. Ya need a good home for them to do that IMO.


ps - but then there's the fact that not everyone like the same features in a sheath, I guess and while kydex is fine for some knives, I really prefer leather for my own and like to "see-it" before I buy it......
The GW sheath is a natural-colored pouch sheath. Unmolded (because there is minor variation in GW design, not including the fact that there are 3 blade thicknesses.)

Many folks wet-mold the sheath. This means dunking it in hot water (not boiling, I find hot tap water is fine - about 110 degrees, maybe?) for about 10 seconds, placing the knife inside and molding the sheath around it with your hands and/or a bit of antler or bone to mold the sheath around the knife. Then you remove the knife and let the sheath dry. When done, it should be hard and molded to YOUR knife. Good retention, no rattling around, and with about 100 draws, easy to remove when you need it.
I am sorry. I have been trying to finish the new site (to be up soon I promise) and got distracted by the holidays. Here is a picture of the production GW sheath that you can get from Skunk.

Let me know if we can help.
I'd like to add a couple of points about the GW sheath that comes from the store. First of all I like the fact that it fits an 1" 1/2 belt very well, I dislike sheaths that are designed to go over a Sam Brown belt, if I wore a Sam Brown I would buy from Galls, or whoever else sells those accessories. The sheath also holds the GW very well without wet-molding, so I would assume that wet-molding it would make the fit even better. This is a great sheath, cheap, and no wait, can’t beat that, can you?