Sheath from Semper Paratus Tactical in mail today!

Jul 22, 2004
Well it's here and it's all good. I sent my Ratweiler to Dan about 2.5 weeks ago and he dressed it well. I had him make it in OD. It is a very well made sheath. Is there anyone hear that I can Email pictures to and will post them here for me? Oh please let the next one out be the Tactical Battle Rat.
Here are the pics. Great looking sheath. Congrats



Very nice sheath! I have one of Dan's sheaths for my NO and it carries so well! I have had it out on a bunch of brutal cross country bush wacking trips in the rain and through lava fields and mine still looks like new! It is nice to see a Ratweiler in one of those! Anyone out there looking for nylon, I highly recommend Semper Paratus Tactical :D
If I remember correctly it was $60.00 and he's out of Washington state. You can find more info and his Email over at the Swamp under sheath options.
nevwerg said:
how much and where.... :cool:
Here's the contact info for Dan Hirayama, the owner of Semper Paratus Tactical. He's a great guy to talk to or do business with. He's obsessed with getting maximum performance, durability, and usability built into his products. I suspect his time in uniform drives him pretty hard to get it right for his military brethren. And that makes his stuff tough beyond bombproof for us civilians who'll not be abusing his product as hard as the local Special Forces lads will be.

Semper Paratus Tactical
PMB 238
17404 Meridian E., Ste F
Puyallup, WA 98375

Phone: (253) 973-1807
Fax: (253) 581-6580


(edited to add) Dan also makes a really sweet ranger-style pack with webbing attachment points all over it, tactical slings, and utility pouches. If you need something in nylon that's a little unusual, give him a holler.