Sheath making

Mar 11, 1999
Have you made sheath for your knife?What a interesting work!
With leather,kydex,wood,Alminume,and easiest canvas and paper.
Is kydex the best?I made some sheathes myself,it was easy.But not complate!It is great weak point that we cannot use adhesive!
Please talk me haw you make sheath!
I hand stitch mine together from belt dressed leather. There are a couple of good sewing awls around that make the job easy. Other sheaths can be sewn on a good machine out of nylon webbing. The benefit is that you get exactly the sheath you need for a carry position or knife. Kydex is to rigid for close to the body carry and the commercial ones that I've encountered are larger than they need to be. I've never worked it but at one time I was high on it and sourced it out. A&C Plastic products of Houston quoted me 72.00 for a 4X8X.060. Sounded like alot of money but I guess that it would make alot of knife sheaths, plyer holders, multi-tool sheaths, hand gun holsters, .ect.