Sheath Question


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Apr 3, 2007
The sheath for my 4" Sierra Scout seems to have become tighter over the past couple years. I now have trouble removing the knife with one hand when it's attached to my belt.

I'm wondering if there are any simple solutions to loosen up the sheath without losing the "click-in" integrity that these sheaths are famous for.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Since it's treated with bees wax, you could warm up the sheath a bit and wiggle the knife just a bit as it cools. Just don't overheat it, and I bet you could mess with it a little and get the proper fit again
Since I store my NWA knives seperatly from their sheaths, I have the same problem when I first put them into the sheaths. I find that just a little time spent pulling the knives into and out of the sheaths loosens everything back up after a few cycles. And great to see some posts from Nick again...we miss you!