Sheathmaking question

Jan 24, 2001
OK, here is a question for you sheath makers out there. What do you do if you want to wear a sheath knife, but you never wear a belt? What about if you only wear overalls or elastic waisted shorts? Thanks.

It's easy if you are using Concealex or Kydex. Make a G-clip. They work as well without a belt as they do with one. A G-clip is a clip that is one long piece of material. The end (maybe 3/4")is folded under, then the rest gets folded in half, so you are left with a quick release type clip that works great sans belt. If you don't get what I am describing, then email me and I'll send you a jpg.

Dr. Steve Agocs
Thanks for the relies guys. Rhinoknives, what sort of inside the pocket sheath are you talking about. I don't think I've ever seen one of those. I'm assuming that it goes inside your pocket, front pocket, back pocket, side? How do you hold it in the pocket? with a safety pin or something? If it is in your back pocket how do you keep the knife from getting broke when you sit on it? I have a Wayne Hendrix model 11 skinner that my dad gave me for my birthday last year that I ended up making a kydex neck sheath for, so it wouldn't be in my way when I'm deer hunting, cause I always wear overalls. I already e-mailed you Chiro75, thanks for the reply.

How about a shoulder rig Hillbilly?


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Chuck- check out this link:
Scroll down until you see Don Cowles post. I don't know how he does it, but I've always thought his sheaths with the pocket clip are beautiful.
Thanks, Richard! Just so you all know, I have worked out a deal with Matt Conable of William Henry knives. He provides me with the clips. I rivet them to the sheath before lining it with pigskin (or another soft leather), and in most cases (with steel knives,not Talonite ones), I also sanwich a rare earth magnet in there to help retain the blade in the sheath.

I am very proud of the design, and think it works quite well for my knife styles.

Don Cowles
Don, that is beautiful. Your leather work is just like your metal and woodwork. Clean and Solid!